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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 26, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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videotape. we are now awaiting the outcome of a u.n. meeting on libya. the security council planning to vote on a draft resolution to slap new sanctions on the nations leaders that call for qadaffi and 15 other people in his inner circle to face international travel bans. president obama calling on the leader to leave saying he has lost his legitimacy. you now know the news as fox reports this saturday, february 26, 2011. glad you were along. have a great saturday night. "huckabee" is now. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> hello, everybody. welcome. welcome to "h huckabee" from the news studios in new york city. this week, president obama
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ordered the justice department to stop defending the federal law that bans the recognition of same-sex marriage across state lines. how is that going over with two of the biggest constituencies that got him elected? we will find out. also, have you heard about the muslim brotherhood being involved in the middle east uprisings? is this group also infiltrating the united states. and one is a drammy winning christian contemporary and gospel music star. the other a hard rocker. and former guitarist for the metal band korn and you couldn't think they had anything in common by looking at them. they do. michael w. smith and brian welsh. hell of a competitor are here tonight. we will have a great time. [ applause ] this week, two stories have dominated the news. one is the crisis in libya where it its maniacal leader moammar qadaffi who dresses
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like lady gaga and rants like charlie sheen has taken to shooting his own people. and the other is wisconsin where democratic senators had rather run than fight. they left the battlefield for the bed and breakfast. i willle reveal stunning information that comes from my new book called a simple government. it has just been released this week. i highly recommend it. it is a source of facts and figures and plain old common sense you can use in helping your liberal friends see the light. when writing the chapter how we turned upside down the original light of our founding fathers to put emphasis on the local governments instead of the federal government i didn't realize i would be as prophetic as well. the headlines in every broadcast has been the standoff in wisconsin and the crisis being faced by other states due to the o out of control costs from public employee unions. i haven't been surprised.
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and page 35 of the book i predicted am cogs train wreck due to union employees in the public sector costing 30% more in wages and 70% more in benefits than nonunion employees. i'm not opposed to unions in the private sector and they have been helpful in making sure there was protection for workers in wages, benefits and working conditions. government doesn't have a market competitor. it is the operator with enterprises that usually are a monopoly. the conflict in wisconsin has been described by republicans as budget battle over excessive costs and by democrats as just political. actually, it's both. the budget situation is real. but it is a political battle. unions give an enormous amount of money to get democrats elected. $400 million nationally in 2008 alone. and for that kind of money, they do expect something. the unions have said they would
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give up wages and benefits but not the ability to take union dues out of pay checks. does that seem odd? they will give up employee pay and benefits but not the power to confiscate union dues from a pay check. a person ought to be able to voluntarily belong to a union but shouldn't be forced to involuntarily give their money to politicians. that is my view and i welcome yours. comment at mike huckabee .com. i would love to hear from you. this is the big weekend. hollywood's biggest names gather with all the glitz for the best in film in the 83rd annual academy awards. and in honor of the festivities we are going to have our own awards show. acknowledging the best performances in washington. it's our version of the political oscars and we call them the huck awards.
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[ applause ] ♪ and our first category is best dramatic performance by a politician. and the nominees are speaker of the house john boehner. >> and in every night shift i could find and -- ♪ >> i pour the my heart and soul into running a small business. >> mike: and the other nominee, new york congressman charlie he rangel. ♪ it's my party and i'll cry if i want to, cry if i want to, you would cry, too, if it happened to you ♪ >> mike: and the huck award goes to john boehner. [ applause ]
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>> mike: our next category is best villain. washington is flooded with antagonists. tonight's nominees are former democratic florida congressman allen grayson for his presentation in support of healthcare reform on the house floor. >> the republican healthcare plan is this -- die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> mike: and our other nominee, massachusetts representatives john capuano for endorsing violence in response to the union protests in wisconsin. >> i'm proud to be here with people who understand that it is more than just sending an e-mail that gets you going. every once in eye while you got to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary. >> mike: well, the winner is allen grayson.
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>> mike: you wonder why he lost the election. our next category is the best comedy performance. and the nominees are. joe biden for acknowledging a man in a wheelchair at a speech in missouri. >> chuck graham state senator is here. stand up, good to see you. oh, god love you, what am i talking about. i tell you what, you are making everybody else stand up, pal. thank you u very, very much. >> and the other nominee. also joe biden for playing scrabble in ohio. >> john's last minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number one job facing the middle class and it happens to be as barack says a three letter word, jobs. j, o, b, s. jobs. >> and the winner is joe biden.
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>> pursuant to senate resolution which number? one. >> mike: joe has had a little trouble with the numbers. the final huck award is the best supporting role. and the nominees are -- well, it is joe biden again. [ bleep ] >> thank you, everybody. >> mike: and bill clinton at the white house press conference about extending the bush tax cuts with president obama. >> you can say whatever you want. >> here is what i'll say is that i have been keeping the first lady waiting for about half an hour so i'm going take off. but i. >> i don't want to make her mad, please go. >> you are in good hands and gibbs will call last question.
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>> thank you. >> go ahead. >> mr. president -- >> mike: and the winner for best supporting role is bill clinton. and here to accept his huck award, former president bill clinton. [ applause ] >> wow. i would like to thank all of you huckabee fans for this award. of course, we all know that i owe it all to my wife hillary. you know, they say that -- [ laughter ] >> i think i can take it from here. >> thank you, barack. i have been keeping henry waiting for a half hour so i will -- keeping hillary waiting for a half hour. >> i can take it from here.
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so please go. >> honey, i'm on my way. please don't be mad! >> thank you. thank you so much. and it's great to be here and accept this with great humility. i have a few people i would like to thank and my wife michelle. mayor daley of chicago. the new mayor rahm emanuel. >> mike: thank you, mr. president. thank you very much. >> minority leader nancy pelosi. >> mike: thank you, mr. president. >> thank you to my daughters. there is too many that i could name individually. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you very much. >> qadaffi. >> and the pope. >> and i could not -- to keep in balance after 50,
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some church leaders in the black and latino communities questioning their support for the commander in chief. here is what candidate obama said about the issue in august of 2008. >> i believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman, now for me as a christian -- [ applause ] >> for me -- for me as a christian it is also a sacred union. god's in the mix. >> mike: joining me, reverend anthony evans who heads the national black church initiative and the president of the christian leadership conference. i welcome both of these gentlemen here. let me say to reverend evans and reverend rodriguez represent a combined total of almost 32 million church members in some 68,000 churches across the country. that is an extraordinary number of people representing these churches.
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reverend evans i want to ask you because you were vocal as soon as you heard thatted president reached out and grabbed this issue and decided that he was not going to defend the defense of marriage act, why are you disappointed in him and how intensely are you disappointed? >> we supported the president. we love the president and his family and the bible teaches us, of course, to pray for our leaders. but what offended us, the church is the fact that he has such a beautiful family and he continued to advocate breaking up that family by interjecting this sort of foreign object called gay marriage and it just doesn't fit in our congregate aions and our congregants believe the president is struggling with the issue. please remember what you said to the other pastor that you believe that a marriage exists
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between a man and a woman. >> mike: and that quote was when was interviewed by rick warren, saddle back church out in california in the debate for or rum i guess i should say back in august of 2008. sam, let me bring you into this. hispanics also very strongly supported president obama in his election bid in 2008. do you see as a result of this decision this week that there may be a shift? >> absolutely. let's not forget that the hispanic electorate that helped elect president obama in 2008 simultaneously went to the polls in california and defended bible kl and traditional marriage. in 2004, 44% of hispanics voted in favor of george w. bush. one of the reasons hispanics were leaning towards the republican and conservative cause was because of social values such as the preservation
8:17 pm
of biblical marriage. president obama affirmd that value in 2008 and in light of immigration reform issues, discrepancies that arose in the republican party towards latinos. at the end of the day the hispanics said he believes in what we believe, this change may work out well for us. now, there is a change in the rhetoric and the narrative. the question is will the hispanics support president obama if he doesn't support something so near and dear to the hispanic community, the preservation of traditional marriage. and that is something we will see in 2012. >> mike: the polling has shown it is a much bigger issue, for example among african americans, some 75% of african americans support a traditional definition of americans. 65% of americans. 55 among caucasians. for the two constituencies of groups that probably had more to do with his election than any other this is a big issue,
8:18 pm
not a peripheral issue as it might be for some viewers tonight. reverend evans tell me what you are hearing from con at this and pastors around church leaders in the african american community. >> 82% of african americans who would disagree with considering same-sex marriage as legitimate. what i'm hearing is two things. one, that they love the president and they continue to pray for his family. but also what i'm hearing is that the strag that will i strn among african american religion leaders and congregants. how can he turn his back on us and not support us. >> how big is this in your constituency. talking about 16.5 million church members across 30,000 plus churches. is this going to make a difference to them in the next election? and if so -- and i really want you to try to quantify, is this
8:19 pm
as big as other issues? where would you put it on the scale? >> absolutely. it is big. first of all, we great -- i affirm the fact that we love the president and have great respect and admiration towards the president. but this is for us a vertical issue. let me explain that. the hispanic american electorate is faith driven. we are a christian community and that vertical mandate and commitment to traditional marriage is critical to us. it is not going to be something that we go into the voting booth in 2012 saying we will vote the economy first and healthcare and education but may decide which candidate we vote for according to what is taking place with marriage. absolutely not. our faith is centered to our community. when we approach 2012 we are going to approach 2012 with the commitment to voting our vertical values. one more thing, governor. to the hispanic community is not antievery other group. we want to preserve the rights
8:20 pm
of every single american. to us, the preservation of traditional marriage is the primary anecdote against the gangs, drug addiction, high school dropout, teen pregnancy. it is the survival of the hispanic american family. >> i appreciate it. i'm not hearing this story anywhere else. i think it is a huge story. a very important earthquake if you will within the political realities of the current climate. thank both of you for being here. i appreciate it very much. when i come back, i will tell you about a brand new book and a whole bunch of stuff going on in my life the next three weeks. you will want to hear what it is and why when we come back. stay with us. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. premier of the packed bag. you know when to hold 'em... and how to fold 'em. and from national.
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>> mike: last week i told you that i had a brand new book coming out. it released this week and it as been a whirlwind of a week doing media talking about it. a new book called "a simple government." you may we saying there is nothing much simple about the government. it ought to be but it isn't. it has become so complicated. simle government takes the myriad of issues we are talking about every day and backs up and say hass is the simple common sense kind of principle that we could apply to those great problems? and i think you will find it a very interesting book because it has got lots of facts and figures that you can use to argue, not to argue but to have a discussion with all your liberal friends and help them to understand how you are right and they are wrong, that is one good thing.
8:25 pm
i will be going to 41 cities the next three weeks. the website mike huckabee .com has a list of the cities and a way to find out how to get the book at places like amazon and barnes and noble. here are some things you will find in the book. this is a $100 bill. you have seen these before. the gangsters call these benjamins, right? this is the largest bill in circulation. if you have enough of these to make up ten thousand dollar bills it would look something like this. and i want to make sure that you understand this is what i want to do in the book is to give you a visual of it. this is $10,000 in hundred dollars bills. an amount that you can relate to because it is probably at least as much as you have to spend on your kids college for a semester or a year. probably what your wife's last car wreck cost. a figure you can think about. what does a million dollars look like in hundred dollars
8:26 pm
bills. this is it. if you had a million dollars in $100 bills you see the man standing there next to it. proportionate to a grown man. it could fit in the trunk of your car. i doubt you have a million dollars in the trunk of your car. if you do, you have to answer somebody as to why. that is what a million dollars looks like. ever heard the term billion? know how the government loves to tell us this is going to cost $5 million. what does a billion dollars look like in hundred dollars bills? this is it right here. this is $1 billion in $100 bills. remember that great stimulus plan. $862 million. imagine 862 piles of $100 bills like that that you as a taxpayer paid for. are you kind of beginning to understand how big a billion is? you ain't seen nothing yet. in the book one of the things i try to show you is that when the government throws out the terms, million, billion,
8:27 pm
trillion, it is hard to even imagine. i want you to see what a trillion dollars looks like in $100 bills. there is the man. now, let's back up and take a look at a trillion dollars in $100 bills. do you see the man way down there in the corner of that trillion dollars stack. gives you a whole new picture, doesn't it. well, i want you to realize those are the kind of things you will see in "a simple government." i talk about terrorism, border security. i tell a moving story that means a lot to me. 9/11, vice president for morgan stanley security, a gentleman by the name of rick got 2,000 employees of morgan stanley successfully out of world trade center tower two and then got a thousand people out of building five, making sure that everybody was there, he went back into the building. he never came out. when i was in jerusalem recently i went to the memorial for the 9/11.
8:28 pm
i found his name. i wanted to see rick's name because he was one of the three thousand who died that day. he said that this could happen and he predicted it. i tell his powerful story in the book a simple government. you may have known of the story of we were solders once and young. his picture is the cover of that book. i hope that you will realize there are a lot of folks who are telling us that we had some real dangers in this world. i think you will love the book "a simple government." rick rescorla's story and many others there are. you can get it at book stores everywhere. amazon, barnes and noble. i will be coming to 41 towns, maybe yours. i hope you willle have a chance to come by. love to sign your book. if you can't get there, mike huckabee .com, get an autographed copy there. all of those opportunities. by the way, one other thing, all the folks in the studio audience, you should have come
8:29 pm
today because they will get an autographed book as they leave the studio today. [ applause ] >> mike: i hope you will enjoy it. well, my next guest says america is unwittingly funding terrorist groups who are trying to kill us. mid east peet explains how,oú when we come back. ú@ [ male announcer ] one look can turn the everyday into romantic. ♪ an accidental touch can turn rdinary into sething more.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm harris faulkner in new york. just moments ago into the fox newsroom word that united nations security council has unanimously passed a resolution dealing with libya. within minutes we learned the 15 nation council voted to impose travel bans and asset freezes on libyan leader muammar qadaffi. calling for the criminal court in the haig to immediately
8:33 pm
investigate and possibly prosecute any one responsible for killing civilian protesters. thousands of demonstrators gathering in new york, d.c. and chicago and the biggest rally in wisconsin. and at this hour. >> the rotunda of the state capitol in madison is filled with union supporters. i'm harris faulkner. now, let's get you right away back to "huckabee." >> if you would like to comment on tonight's show e-mail us at huck mail @ fox news .com. >> mike: the muslim world has been on fire over the past month as antigovernment demonstrations have swept across northern africa to the middle east. where is the source of the unrest coming from? joining me mow is director of the american center for democracy, dr. rachel aronfeld. i want to play a sound
8:34 pm
byte. >> mike: my arabic is a little bit rusty so i want to make sure that you u got the sub titles here. he said throughout history allah imposed upon the people who would punish them for the corruption. the last punishment was carried out by hitler by means of all of the things he did to them even though they exaggerated this issue he managed to put them in their place. this was devine punishment for
8:35 pm
them. allah willing the next time will be at the hands of the believers. speaking now of the islamic jihaddists. it shocks me but it shocks me more that he is teaching american students in qatar spent there from american schools and there are american dollars helping to fund those students being there. >> american funds do help. american universities have established an education city in the middle of qatar, have established in 1995. and there are many american universities that opened branches there and they receive a lot of money, millions and millions of dollars in order to come there with the faculty and the american students are coming there and he has also an islamic think tank at the university and he sponsored and
8:36 pm
has been sponsored for the last five decades. >> mike: bizarre to say ha hitler did a wonderful thing and he is carrying out will of god. talk about the bigger connection. money in america through american tax dollars that go to the u.n. how far does it go to help fund maybe not this guy but conversation like this and or terrorist groups? >> the u.s. is the biggest donor to the u.n. of course, as we know. the biggest contributor. the u.s. is helping for example the palestinians. the u.n., they do schools in gaza and the west bank. they are continuing to build schools. and i think many that you had on your program was teaching in the schools. they teach what hitler said, they preach to do what hitler
8:37 pm
actually. >> we wouldn't be unhappy there was a school teaching language and math and science but you are saying -- >> they are teaching jihad. and one of the condition actually that they have in order to have talks with the palestinians or any kind of arrangement is that they will stop teaching hate, preach for hate in the schools. not only against jews. it is also against infidels. they are teaching them and there are special programs with the muslim brotherhood which is really a very dangerous organization unlike some american officials who said no, they are secular. >> the director of national intelligence said they were a largely secular organization. i thought he has got to we kidding. if he is anywhere near intelligence he has got to know better than that. >> it is worry some. when they went to egypt to congratulation egyptians for
8:38 pm
overthrowing mubarak he said i congratulation you, in addition he said what -- he encouraged all muslims to continue their jihad until they conquer jerusalem. >> it is a subject that we could mine for hours and i want to bring you back some time to talk about it. i think it is a shock for many of us as americans to know that we are talking billions of our tax dollars that find their way into the hands, pockets and into the ridiculously hateful speech like we have seen here today. thank you very much for being here. and i hope we will have a chance to visit again. i hope you will ask your congressmen and your senator why is your money helping to fund this stuff? why are we putting money in the united nations for heaven's sakes? >> mike: what do music, drugs and jesus have in common with my next guest? well, i promise you, it is more than you would probably imagine.
8:39 pm
brian welsh also known as head from the band korn. and michael w. smith. they join join me next. stay with us. [ ma announcer ] little oliver had a fog horn nose. it shattered his tissue with hurricane blows. no person or place was sa from the spray. but his mom had new puffs ultra soft & strong to save the day. with lotion-free pillows to cushion the force. puffs holds up better than value tissue of course. next time oliver blew his horn, he reaed for puffs ultra soft & strong.
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>> mike: well, their musical styles are worlds apart and they have had very different
8:43 pm
upbringings but they have a lot in common. drug abuse almost derailed both their lives until they were rescued by their faith. please welcome michael w. smith and head. >> brian from 1993 to 2005, heavy metal band korn. a lot of my audience is sitting here saying corn, that is what we have at thanksgiving. but korn with a k. prominent heavy metal band. the typical rock screen for you. drugs, drugs and more drugs. there came a moment when you said this is not the way i want to spend the rest of my life. what that was turning point for you and made you decide i don't want this future? >> it was crazy because i was living the dream that so many people have. that rock star dream so many males when you are younger. when i was living it, it was just so much craziness going on and on and the drug dealers
8:44 pm
would show up and just party, women and everything. and so i was just at the end of myself. i was a closet methamphetamine addict and i was sick of being gone from my family. i was in the darkest moments of my life. and i stepped into a church high on meth and i was like i want to be freed, you know, like these people are happy. i see them raising their hands and praising god and i was like what is this all about. i wanted what they had so what i did is i went home and i prayed and i said if you are real take this stuff from me because i'm going to die. and i was actually doing the drugs when i was praying and within a couple of weeks i had an encounter, the love of god that was so real that it made me turn from wanting to hurt myself to wanting to love myself and my daughter and just follow. a new life. >> mike: it as powerful story and a miracle you are alive
8:45 pm
given the kind of lifestyle. michael, your situation was different. you grew up in a typical christian home, family and straight laced but even you in the midst of being in a christian family, got to college, got off in the music scene, got into some drugs. how did you get away from it and what brought you back? >> well, i stimulus plan maniy just got deceived. you know. if you have a favorite name for the devil i call him the great deceiver and i thought i could play with the fire and not get burned. i was so devout and so i was a jesus freak back thin in the early '70s and the early jesus movement and then started hanging around with the wrong people and before you know it i found myself in the gutter and couldn't get out and thank god for praying mom and dad who are still my biggest fans and they prayed me back in and in 1979 i just had -- i began to pray that god would do what he had
8:46 pm
to do to give my attention. >> mike: did your parents ever give up on you? >> never. >> what is the best thing parents can do? >> pray for your kids but love them regardless. you know, you just have to love them through the stuff no matter if it's drugs or whatever it is. any sort of addiction. >> you say that is okay -- that doesn't mean that you say that is okay. >> sometimes it has to be tough love. my mom and dad continued to stay on their knees for me and i believe that is what turned it around for me because in the fall of 1979 i had a real encounter and i haven't been the same since. much like brian, he just began to take the stuff away. just the desire to do that. >> mike: brian, are i wan i wak about when i read the book the people that were around you, the other members of the band and other rock musicians they didn't believe this was real. there was a lot of skepticism on you their part.
8:47 pm
>> i got one message from somebody saying i wish you would have died on drugs and found jesus and became a christian. you got to be real with this generation. i wanted to do something. i feel like i'm created to go 100% in what your i do. i dove in and i just -- i wanted to be with my kid. i didn't want to tour so much and i just -- i threw everything away and started a new life and that was exciting to me and everybody did -- a lot of people thought i went nuts, you know, because when you don't believe and you don't have the faith you just think it is kind of crazy. i was like that so i don't judge no one because i was calling christians crazy before i became one. >> mike: you are still making music. >> yes. >> mike: what is different about the music you are making today? you are not doing hymns and
8:48 pm
stuff? >> it is similar to what i used to play. but it is stuff that i went through. it is real to me and i got a message i want to talk about, you know. and it is very unique i think and i'm writing a book. i got my new book stronger and it is about my strength with the scriptures and how the word of god has like transformed my life and i'm doing new stuff that i never did before and it is really exciting. >> mike: the book is powerful and called stronger and about really developing spiritual strength and coming from a point at which a lot of people look at your life and say there is a guy headed toward a dead end, no way he is going to make it and here you sit talking about your faith. just the two of you together to me is a great picture. michael w. smith is one of the premier, you know, amazing award winning christian artists. you have been in heavy metal. but music, but more importantly your own relationships to jesus
8:49 pm
christ tied you together in a way that nothing else would. michael your book is about a blessing. so what do you mean by a blessing? go out there and tell the audience you are blessed? >> i think more than anything i'm talking about blessing other people. and i first heard about actually it was a message that i heard, i found on the internet about a biblical message on the blessing and blessing people and it so impacted moo h that me that i t blessing that the pastor did and made it my own and one night pronounced a blessing of the people. i think we had to make a thousand copies and tiv i giveo everybody. i would say a good third of the audience never had anything gooden of them. grew up in a childhood where everything was negative. and i just leave there is power in a blessing and so if you want to be blessed and i think the key is just go bless
8:50 pm
somebody else. even if you have lost your job and your life is hard do somebody for somebody else and there will be a blessing in it for you. >> you will do is song for us in a minute. brian, you got to come back some time, you and me, we need to jam. >> i want to be in on the jam session. >> michael w. and keyboards and you playing guitar and me playing bass. we could probably sell a bunch of photos and give them to charity. the book is stronger. a great read. when we come back, michael performs a song from his new album. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is james. the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advilow... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose eve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smarmove. ♪ ♪
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>> mike: i have loved michael w. smith music for many years. i have lots of his tunes on my i-tunes collection. i get to hear one in person today. michael w. smith with welcome home. until next week, from new york, good night and god bless. [ applause ] ♪ i can't believe that i'm here having to say goodbye ♪ ♪ these tears i cry ♪ i close my eyes ♪ i can hear the sound as angels gather round ♪ ♪ saying this is where you
8:55 pm
belong ♪ ♪ welcome home ♪ there are the days that my heart aches wishing you were hear ♪ ♪ but i know where you are the hurt and the pain disappear ♪ ♪ no more tears ♪ i can hear the sound of angels gathered round ♪ ♪ saying this is where you belong ♪ ♪ welcome home
8:56 pm
♪ welcome home ♪ i can hear the sound of angels gathered round ♪ ♪ saying this is where you belong ♪ ♪ welcome home ♪ angels all around ♪ saying this is where you
8:57 pm
belong ♪ ♪ welcome home ♪ welcome home [ applause ]
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